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Last updated January 28, 1997

Hooty-Pooty Literature Links

This one speaks for itsself... The Cool Word of the Day

There's some cool photos of the world's snottiest author at The Céline Page

A page dedicated to Lautréamont including a rare photograph. They are in the process of putting the entire Penguin translation online.

Harry Crosby is one of the great unsung poets of the 20th Century. Check out the cool photos at the Caresse Crosby Archive.

Faulkner home page

I love Edgar Rice Burroughs and Tarzan-check out the Tarzan Archive

Kooky Americana Pages

This collection of text and photos about America's first modern evangelist is classic Americana-take a look at the Billy Sunday Archive

Charles Manson is real trendy right now, but what is he really all about? Faithful ally Sandra Good has a page up now-check it out!ATWA

Up to the minute reports on "our" forces in the Balkans BosniaLINK

From chemical weapons factory to wildlife preserve-find out whats up with the Rocky Mountain Arsenal Cleanup.

Although he's passed on to new trips, Timothy Leary's Homepage is still alive and kicking.

Arty-farty Pages

A very cool art/poetry thang The Place

My buddy Jack has a killer links page-mostly literary/poetic, but tons of fun stuff Spidercat

He also just put some photos up here.

A psychotic Austrian artist who happens to be an old pal of mine TabooZone should be in English soon.

Strange Magazines

Kinky and kool-my second favorite magazine FAD Megazine(tm)

A refreshingly left-leaning and literary conspiracy theory mag Steamshovel Press

Kinkier and kooler-my fave magazine Verbal Abuse

And where do you put my old friend HipCrime's cool anarcho-hacker something-or-other page?

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