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Last updated January 28, 1997

Very cool occult/Thelemic Page-including a rare photo of Marcello Motta! H.O.O.R. Information Link

Cool Spare/Burroughs/Bey site! extra secret

Who says Texas is full of redneck burn again christians? Scarlet Woman Oasis, O.T.O.

Magick, Technology and Cognitive Research along a sort of Wilsonist line... Novel11 Homepage

A super-eclectic online archive focussed on-but in no way limited to-sexual magick. The Church of Tantra

A refreshingly left-leaning and literary conspiracy theory mag Steamshovel Press

A slightly new-agey, but interesting British outfit The SAROS Foundation


A medieval research page, focussed around the Knights Templar The Knights Templar Preceptory

An extremely well-done and researched Thelemic-leaning Dictionary The Magician's Dictionary


Scarlet Woman Oasis' Links page-diverse and comprehensive...

Tons of links across the magickal spectrum Occult resource site

The multi-armed grandmammy of 'em all-over 450 links to the occult!!! Arachne's Web

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