Last updated January 28, 1997

Here's a couple of hacker links that can get you in real trouble!

Phrack Magazine

2600 Magazine

If you're running a Mac, check out this secure voice encoding software (Win 96 version soon) PGPfone

Test-drive HipCrime's Orwellian ActiveAgent interactive search engine...

No Homepage complete without a pointer to The Electronic Frontier Foundation

Here are some Web Page Resources

Transparent/Interlaced GIF Resources

Want unlimited Denver-based Net access for $25 a month? Dimensional Communications

OS/2 WARP blows Windows away-here are some OS/2 Resources

IBM's OS/2 WARP Homepage

Indelible Blue, Inc. Home Page

This BBS has demos of all the killer true 32-bit OS/2 apps!

More Links

Search Engines

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