My poor house after the firemen threw everything out-looking towards the (former) kitchen

It's been a strange summer/fall for me! After a highly successful Independence Day outdoor Crash Worship performance, I was invited to join the band to mix their sound for the remainder of the U.S. tour. This went well enough for me to get to tag along on the 8-week European tour. What an experience!! The European audiences were a lot smaller in general, but also a lot less jaded on the whole ADRV thang-the result was more intimate shows with a lot more surprises-we left many of the concerts with the feeling that we had really blown some minds!

After the tour, I forged off with a friend for a month and visited Budapest, and then headed by train for Turkey, with stops in Belgrade and Sophia. Turkey is an incredible country-we spent time in Istanbul, Ankara and various towns in Capadocia. When we were out of money, I headed to Prague, where I got the phone call.

My house burned down late Sunday night, November 10th. All my 2000-odd records, 1000 tapes, several hundred CDs and video, which I have collected over the years-many irreplaceable-burned up. My 3000-odd books are badly smoke-damaged. I lost most of my furniture and all my stereo and video gear. Many irreplaceable momentos are gone forever. Needless to say, I had no insurance-my guess is that I lost somewhere in the neighborhood of 50,000 dollars worth of stuff!

No-one is quite sure how the fire started, and I guess it really isn't that important-I have to look ahead. I am currently living in South Denver with old friend/ally Bill Montague of We Never Sleep. It's kind of refreshing to be able to fit in a single room! I am in the process of cleaning up my books-most show traces of the fire, but many are in decent reading shape. I plan to sell them at some point, so feel free to e-mail me with want lists if you are interested. I was particularly proud of my occult and cyberpunk collections. I have been an archivist long enough and now it's time for me to pass the torch to someone else for a while! No pun intended...

More sad photos

Picking up the pieces

Looking towards where all my records used to be (sniff)